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We do not give information on tickets purchased not on our site, Please contact the organization that sold you the tickets, the phone numbers of the organizations are listed on your tickets.

If you have any questions for which there are no answers on our website, please contact us by email.


The Company Seller:

"AVEMEDIA" Limited ("AVEMEDIA" Ltd.)

Legal address:
Russia, 198330, St. Petersburg, Peterhof highway 3/6, letter A.
TIN (Taxpayer Identification Number:
PSRN (Primary State Registration Number):
IEC (Industrial Enterprises Classifier):
BIC (Bank Identification Code):
Consolidated account:

to North-West Bank PAO Sberbank of Russia, St. Petersburg

Corresponding account:
Operation mode:
Mon-Sun from 12:00 to 20:00
Payment information:
Email:avemediaru (dog)
  • Official, verified, ticket provider.
  • E-ticket and Cashier's receipt when paying.
  • Tickets on the website are sold at a nominal price.
  • No service charge, No extra charges, No overpayments.
  • Legally compliant ticket refund guarantee.